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Absolutely! Regular Hydrotherapy treatments will help your body to relax and unwind. The massage provided by Phil's Pool and Spa’s powerful hydrotherapy jets assists in improved circulation, muscle recovery and is a natural way to enhance the body’s natural healing processes.

The position of your spa is your first consideration. You can then decide on what size spa would be suitable for your needs and budget. Visit our showroom to see the wide range of Phil's Pool and Spa mySpa products that we have to offer.

Phil’s Pool & Spa will always deal with you directly from when you first visit our showroom, when you purchase the spa, when the spa is delivered, future chemical requirements & if you require any warranty or service work our own fully qualified spa technicians carry out that work for you and will deal with your problem promptly. All spare parts are readily available & in stock.

Unlike many other spa suppliers, your price with us includes your spa (of course), a lockable hardcover, chemical kit, ***standard delivery*** to your home, placing the spa into position, installation of the lockable spa cover, filling the spa with water, adding the chemicals AND a FULL hand over service. By the time we leave all you will need to do is to jump in & start enjoying your new mySpa by Phil's Pool and Spas!

*** A standard delivery is where our two technicians can deliver the spa & put it into the position you require in your yard without the aid of any cranes, crane trucks, barges or helicopters.***
If your access is difficult, we can arrange obligation free, on site quotations for any of the above services but obviously these will be at an additional cost to the purchaser. ***

Phil’s Pool & Spa was established in October 1987 and has been owned & operated the entire time by Phil & Kym Buchanan.

Yes....Absolutely! Phil's Pool and Spa are 100% Australian made & we pride ourselves on only stocking the best quality products. Most spas on the market these days are imported from China and the quality is extremely poor, warranties are virtually non-existent and spare parts are not available.

Whilst the inclusions and price look like great value for money on these spas, they are in fact a very bad buy and just some of the reasons are set out below:

Numerous imported Chinese spas do not have Australian/State Electrical Safety Certification, C-Tick Approval or compliance with Australian Standards.

Apart from being very poorly made, These imported spas may have one or more... or maybe even ALL of the following!!

1. No electrical safety certificate
2. No C-Tick (EMC compliance)
3. No filtration - whatsoever!
4. No surface skimmer or an illegal potty skimmer
5. Insufficient suctions per pump, mismatched suctions or unapproved suctions
6. False claims of Australian manufacture
7. False claims of USA manufacture
8. False claims of compliance
9. Absolutely no after sales service, support or spare parts....because it’s not legal to install them in the first place!
10. Limited generic availability of parts to suit these spas in Australia which means you will have to replace ALL electrical / electronic parts and probably need to re-plumb sections of pipe work and fittings as well.....just to comply.

These are serious issues and in some cases, serious breaches of Australian electrical safety standards as well as serious entrapment dangers amongst other issues.

Not only are you buying a non approved spa, endangering your family, friends and home but also risking a lack of service and support that can only be provided by seasoned & professional spa dealers.

The electrical and other components utilised on these spas are not available freely within Australia and nothing is directly compatible.

There are many international approvals that the equipment may be marked with that allow sales in various parts of the world such as CE, UR, TUV, but NONE of these are the Australian Approval.

Australian Standards that need to be complied with are AS/NZS 3136:2001, AS 2610.2:1993, AS/NZS 60335 part 1 and AS/NZS 60335.2.60:2006, to name but a few.

What does all of this mean? If in doubt, demand proof of Approval and compliance with the Australian Standards which pertain to electrical safety, plumbing and many other areas of safety and operation.

This depends on the spa model. Hardwiring is required if the power drawn is above 15 amps. We will assist you with this & can arrange a free site inspection from our licensed Electrician.

No – Not currently in NSW. Your spa comes with a lockable Heatsaver Hardcover, you will however need to ensure that the cover is on the spa and locked when spa is not in use and that all locks remain in good working order & you will need to display a current resuscitation chart. Please remember - Nothing replaces parental or adult supervision of children at any time.

When you purchase your spa from Phil’s Pool & Spa there is no need for you to worry! When you have selected your spa, we will carry out a site inspection and advise you of anything you may be required to do prior to delivery.

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