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myFriends Spa Pool

Getting your friends to come over won’t be the problem – getting them to leave will be! This eight person spa pool in a spacious octagonal design provides the perfect watery venue to enjoy a quiet (or not so quiet) drink with your friends, or a nice chilled out place to have a heart to heart.

This spa pool comes in budget, classic and extreme models.  The budget model has 36 jets, the classic has 43 and the extreme model includes 61 jets, a varidrive80 pump, a heap of optional extras and the SV3 POWERsmart control to keep energy consumption down.

For more information on our spa pool prices or for our other spas for sale contact Phil's Pool & Spa on 02 9545 6660.

MyFriends Spa Pool

MyFriends Spa Pool Information


MyFriends Spa Pool SmartSaver Specifications

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